of the Cat  Rescue

We are a small group of Loving Foster Families operating a Pregnant Cat Rescue. We strive to allow abandoned pregnant cats give birth to their kittens in a warm, clean, loving environment.  We strengthen and nourish their bodies, while reassuring them they are loved.  All nursing mothers are allowed to keep their kittens until they are completely weaned and are capable of living a happy life in their new homes.  We supply medical care for mothers and kittens.  Mothers are spayed and all cats have appropriate immunizations and wormed before adoptions are approved.  We supply a spay/neuter coupon for kittens adopted from us.  You are responsible for the surgery no later than the kitten's sixth month.   Adopting parents must commit to appropriate safeguards for the cat/kitten's health.  We reserve the right to reclaim an animal if we feel the animal is not in a safe, healthy environment.

We are always looking for Loving Foster Homes for our mothers and kittens. Please contact us if you are interested in Fostering with us.

We are also looking for donations for our Rescue

We are in need of paper towels, bleach , trash bags, black metal cages with plastic bottom insert to use for adoption events, portable cat carriers, toys, cat food (Dry or Wet), litter pans, kitty litter, powdered kitten formula, laundry detergent, old towels, cat beds, toys, cleaning supplies, etc.  Thank you for any donations.